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    1. XT2 ® Silver technology, an antimicrobial technology that provides permanent anti-odour capabilities, inhibiting the growth of odour causing bacteria on the surface of the sock. Made in the USA and used by the American Military and Olympians to provide freshness in their clothing even in the toughest environments. Your socks will remain fresh all day, all night long


    2. Cushion sole - We took a page from well-constructed athletic socks and added a slightly cushioned sole for ultimate comfort, comfort without the bulk (a select few styles do not have cushion sole, this was done based on design requirements, please check description of each sock to verify if cushion sole is included).

    3. Seamless Toe - Hand knitted which eliminates the bump or ridge found on most socks at the toe. Our seamless toe will not be felt even in tight shoes.

    4. Y-Heel - Our Y-heel design cups your heel locking it in place. A sock that doesn’t move around can only make it more comfortable.

    5. Arch Support - Our Arch Support holds the sock in place, usually used in quality performance socks so they don’t move around while working out…why should your sock work any different.

    6. Lycra®, we use extra long luxurious combed cotton along with added Lycra® on the cuff and leg which results in a truly comfortable sock. And the cuff stays up if you want it to. (Lycra® is a registered trademark of Invista)