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    SixSox was founded by a father and son duo from Toronto, Canada. Just a couple of dude's who were tired of the overpriced, cheap quality socks being sold online. Why pay for premium socks if the quality doesn't reflect it? The guys were determined to make a lasting impact in this industry; and so the mission to create the perfect socks began..

After months of research, planning, development and testing, they conceived the greatest socks in existence! Kidding.. But not really. Each pair was known to have 6 key traits, hence SixSox.
They combined the best characteristics of Sport, Casual & Dress socks to create a product like no other! To make everything even better, they added 100% Anti-Odor Silver Yarn to each pair. Yes, you read that correctly, Silver! In fact, SixSox even uses the exact same Silver Yarn used by NASA and the US Military! 

‘We know you work hard for your money, so we designed socks that work hard for you. Day in and day out.’ - David Kohn (Co-Founder)