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    SixSox is a unique men's sock retailer, just a few guys who noticed flaws with the average dress sock and decided to make a change. Like many other revolutionary products on the market, we began with a vision

    We understand you work hard to pay the bills, so we created a sock that works hard for you. Why come home after a long day to smelly feet? With XT2® Silver Technology, our product is Anti-Odor and Anti-Bacterial!

    But our vision didn't stop there; we also chose to add a comfort factor. After months of research, planning, development and testing, we created a superior dress sock by combining the best characteristics of Sport socks and Dress socks to create a sock like never before!

    SixSox is truly a sock where STYLE meets PERFORMANCE!

    Who says comfort, hygiene and style shouldn't mix? Here at we are confident our unique product will change the way you feel about socks forever.



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