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    About Us

    The Mission

    We're here to make Silver Yarn mainstream.

    NASA Astronauts & the Military uses Silver.

    So why not us?

    SixSox are Infused with Ionic+™ Silver Yarn.

    Silver inhibits the growth of Bacteria & Odour.

    We'll keep your feet & shoes smelling fresh!

    Meet David

    David is one of our three Co-Founders.

    Prior to starting SixSox, he worked in the Toronto Film & Television Industry. After long days on set, he noticed a common issue with many of his peers.

    Painful, tired & smelly feet.

    He made it his mission to create the perfect pair of socks for hardworking people around the world.

    Using his Photo/Video experience, he created SixSox.

    Together with his father & friend, the SixSox team made it their mission help people achieve better hygiene & comfort while still being stylish.

    Where are we from?

    SixSox HQ is in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

    We're Canadian eh!

    Operated from our family basement.

    We really do have low overhead.. lol

    Since our beginnings in 2018, we've mailed out 50,000 pairs of Silver socks to friends around the world.

    But why Silver?

    Inspired by the US Military.

    The Military was a pioneer in Antimicrobial clothing.

    At SixSox, we use the same supplier of Silver Yarn.

    Made by an American company called Noble Biomaterials, Ionic+™ Technology is an industry leader & one of the world's most innovative materials.

    Read about it here.

    Why trust our small biz?

    Battle Tested

    Used by NASA, US Military and Olympian Athletes, this technology has been proven in all environments.

    Guaranteed To Last.

    Our Silver will NEVER wash out and is guaranteed for the life of the socks.
    Ionic+™ is sustainably made..

    100% Transparency

    Each pair of SixSox is ethically made with eco-friendly & vegan materials.
    We NEVER use Silver Spray.