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    The Toe Bro

    Jonathan Tomines (Chiropodist)

    • Jonathan Tomines, aka The Toe Bro, is a Canadian Chiropodist. 
    • Tomines works at Mississauga Foot Clinic and is the host of a TV show on A&E and his Youtube Channel "The Toe Bro".
    • Jon's Youtube channel has 1.5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!

    TTB x SixSox

    "Foot odour is a huge problem that many people struggle with. Being a foot specialist (chiropodist) and dealing with feet all day, I see first hand the importance of proper footwear. Which includes a good, comfy pair of socks!

    SixSox has gone a step further and created a high quality product using the antimicrobial properties of silver yarn to help tackle this issue, without compromising on style!

    I can’t tell patients enough about SixSox.

    I am 100% a SixSox fan!"

    Walking the walk.

    Jon isn't all talk, folks.

    He really does follow his own advice.

    If you'd like to watch Jon in action, you can check out his Youtube Channel by clicking here.