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    The Silver Dollar Blog  

    Let's Talk Socks.

    The Perfect Summer Socks

    No-Shows That Never Smell & Never Slip Off

    Canadian Olympic Bobsled

    Written by Olympian Dawn Wilson

    Love During The Lockdown

    A SixSox guide to "Quarantines" Day

    Our Goal

    To raise awareness about the benefits of Silver Yarn and bring a high quality, affordable product to consumers everywhere.

    We were inspired by NASA & the US Military for their innovation. Now it's our job to bring this technology to the rest of the world.

    SixSox. Where Style, Meets Performance.


    "Silver Yarn is the World's most functional material for textiles."

    Why trust us?

    Battle Tested

    Used by NASA, US Military and Olympian Athletes, this technology has been proven in all environments.

    Guaranteed To Last.

    Ionic+™ will NEVER wash out and is guaranteed for the life of each product.
    Ionic+™ is made with sustainability in mind.

    100% Transparency

    Each pair of SixSox is ethically made with sustainable, eco-friendly & vegan materials.

    You shouldn't have to choose between style or performance.

    - David Kohn, Co-Founder