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    About Us

    Our Mission

    Our Mission is simple: to introduce the world to the power of Silver Yarn.

    The science is clear; functional & sustainable yarn is the future of textiles.

    SixSox are Infused with Ionic+™ (XT2®) Silver Yarn Technology that ensures Added Comfort, Odor Protection & Better Hygiene while also being Eco-Friendly!

    Meet David

    David is one of our three Co-Founders.

    Prior to starting SixSox, he worked in the Film & Television Industry. After working many long days on set, he noticed a common issue with many of his coworkers. Painful, tired & smelly feet.

    Years later, he decided to use his talents as a Camera Operator & Editor to start his own brand.

    Together with his father & friend, they set out on a mission to help hard-working people enjoy the benefits of better hygiene, comfort & durability.

    The journey so far!

    SixSox started as an online business run in the family basement.

    Since our humble beginnings in 2018, SixSox has hired new employees, began operating in a new facility & supplied hundreds of thousands of customers with Silver Socks & PPE!

    Why Silver?

    Inspired by the US Military,

    The US Military was a pioneer in Antimicrobial clothing. At SixSox, we use the same supplier of Antimicrobial Silver Yarn.

    Made by an American company called Noble Biomaterials. Ionic+™ (XT2®) Silver Yarn is regarded as an industry leader & one of the world's most innovative materials.

    Why trust us?

    Battle Tested

    Used by NASA, US Military and Olympian Athletes, this technology has been proven in all environments.

    Guaranteed To Last.

    Our Silver will NEVER wash out and is guaranteed for the life of each product.
    Ionic+™ is made with sustainability in mind.

    100% Transparency

    Each pair of SixSox is ethically made with sustainable, eco-friendly & vegan materials.